Foxy Chopper - Waterford Hair Salon

Uncover your hair's true potential and discover how to present your unique personality through your hair colour and styling.

Foxy Chopper

Let Care, comfort, cool and the award winning team at Foxy Chopper ensure that each of your Initial needs are meet. Foxy Chopper is home to a diverse and talented group of Stylists whose artistic talents, expertise, Knowledge and genuine love for creativity guarantees a unique and enjoyable experience for all.

Client consultations and expert training combine to achieve the desired look while customers sit back and relax in the spacious and comfortable surroundings. Foxy Chopper is a product-friendly salon and happy to advise on after-care and self-maintenance. Fabulous hair is not just a salon experience.

Foxy Chopper

Foxy Chopper Ltd | 1 George's Street, Waterford | 051 853358

VAT No: 1113254 AH | Reg No: 6934201 U

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